AHO - Alghero-Fertilia Airport


Below is the schedule of arrivals at Alghero-Fertilia Airport (AHO) in Italy. In the above information you will find the flight code, the name of the airline, from where, arrival time and flight status. Here you will also find out the current flight status and possible delays. Information is intended for informational purposes only. For more specific and accurate information, use the official websites of airlines or airports.

Flight Airways Destination Time Status
AZ 1571 Alitalia (FCO) Rome 10:45 AM Landed
AZ 1600 Alitalia (LIN) Milan 10:55 AM Landed
FR 9928 Ryanair (PSA) Pisa 11:15 AM Landed Delayed
U2 2857 easyJet (MXP) Milan 12:15 PM Landed
FR 4708 Ryanair (BGY) Milan 12:30 PM Landed
FR 9982 Ryanair (BLQ) Bologna 4:45 PM Landed
AZ 1566 Alitalia (LIN) Milan 10:25 PM Scheduled
AZ 1579 Alitalia (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
AF 9824 Air France (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
BT 5553 Air Baltic (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled