BGY - Il Caravaggio International Airport


Below is the schedule of arrivals at Il Caravaggio International Airport (BGY) in Italy. In the above information you will find the flight code, the name of the airline, from where, arrival time and flight status. Here you will also find out the current flight status and possible delays. Information is intended for informational purposes only. For more specific and accurate information, use the official websites of airlines or airports.

Flight Airways Destination Time Status
FR 4876 Ryanair (CAG) Cagliari 6:20 PM Landed
W6 1131 Wizz Air (KTW) Katowice 6:30 PM Landed Delayed
FR 4989 Ryanair (CFU) Kerkyra 6:40 PM Landed
VOE 1317 Volotea (OLB) Olbia 6:45 PM Landed
FR 8333 Ryanair (IBZ) Ibiza 6:55 PM Landed
FR 4664 Ryanair (VLC) Valencia 7:20 PM Landed
FR 2086 Ryanair (LIS) Lisbon 7:25 PM Landed
FR 4119 Ryanair (NAP) Naples 7:30 PM Landed
FR 1260 Ryanair (ATH) Athens 7:35 PM Landed
FR 8961 Ryanair (PMI) Palma de Mallorca 7:40 PM En Route Delayed
FR 8847 Ryanair (RAK) Marrakech 8:10 PM En Route
FR 1688 Ryanair (FRA) Frankfurt 8:15 PM Scheduled Delayed
FR 5836 Ryanair (LUX) Luxembourg 8:25 PM En Route
3O 457 Air Arabia Maroc (CMN) Casablanca 8:35 PM En Route
W6 3751 Wizz Air (CRA) Craiova 8:50 PM Scheduled