GOA - Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport


Below is the schedule of arrivals at Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport (GOA) in Italy. In the above information you will find the flight code, the name of the airline, from where, arrival time and flight status. Here you will also find out the current flight status and possible delays. Information is intended for informational purposes only. For more specific and accurate information, use the official websites of airlines or airports.

Flight Airways Destination Time Status
VOE 1657 Volotea (OLB) Olbia 12:05 AM Landed Delayed
VOE 1632 Volotea (NAP) Naples 11:30 AM Landed
VOE 1657 Volotea (OLB) Olbia 12:55 PM Landed
VOE 1520 Volotea (PMO) Palermo 12:55 PM Landed
KL 1565 KLM (AMS) Amsterdam 1:25 PM Landed
DL 9544 Delta Air Lines (AMS) Amsterdam 1:25 PM Landed
BV 2241 Luke Air (TIA) Tirana 1:35 PM Scheduled
AZ 1395 Alitalia (FCO) Rome 2:10 PM Landed Delayed
AF 9796 Air France (FCO) Rome 2:10 PM Landed Delayed
DL 6704 Delta Air Lines (FCO) Rome 2:10 PM Landed Delayed
EY 2865 Etihad Airways (FCO) Rome 2:10 PM Landed Delayed
JU 7156 Air Serbia (FCO) Rome 2:10 PM Landed Delayed
KL 3447 KLM (FCO) Rome 2:10 PM Landed Delayed
KM 2530 Air Malta (FCO) Rome 2:10 PM Landed Delayed
SU 4329 Aeroflot (FCO) Rome 2:10 PM Landed Delayed
TP 7162 TAP Air Portugal (FCO) Rome 2:10 PM Landed Delayed
FR 972 Ryanair (STN) London 2:15 PM Landed
TJB 5811 Tayaran Jet (TPS) Trapani 2:25 PM Scheduled
FR 8702 Ryanair (BRI) Bari 8:55 PM Scheduled
AZ 1389 Alitalia (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
AF 9768 Air France (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
AR 7254 Aerolineas Argentinas (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
AT 9185 Royal Air Maroc (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
BT 5496 Air Baltic (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
FB 1611 Bulgaria Air (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
JU 7394 Air Serbia (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
KL 3446 KLM (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
KM 2532 Air Malta (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
LG 1295 Luxair (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
SU 4333 Aeroflot (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
TP 7154 TAP Air Portugal (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
UX 3104 Air Europa (FCO) Rome 10:45 PM Scheduled
VOE 1726 Volotea (CTA) Catania 10:45 PM Scheduled