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How to add, change or remove an organization, restaurant, business to directory or change the data?

"Restaurants", "Business Directory"
You must register your business online here
The changes will be automatically reflected on website within 10-30 days if they meet the search request criteria.

Please keep in mind that data displayed on website is not stored on website data storage but comes in automatic mode from Google Places, Foursquare, Twitter and other services by using their API according to their license granted for website.

Therefore there is no guarantee that your business will be displayed on website once you have registered it on any of mentioned services.

If your company was closed and no longer available - please remove the company from Google Places first. After it is no longer available there it will be automatically excluded from our listings.

If entry contains an incorrect data or needs updating - please update this data on Google Places or Foursquare, then updates will be automatically applied to our listings.