Province of Oristano, Sardinia, Italy

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About Arborea

Arborea is a city and comune in the province of Oristano, Sardinia, Italy, whose economy is largely based on agriculture, with the production of vegetables, rice and fruit.


Arborea was built by the Italian fascist government in the 1920s, after the drainage of the marshes that covered the area. The village was populated by families, mostly composed of peasants, who came from the regions of Veneto and Friuli in northeastern Italy.

First name

Arborea takes its name and is located within the medieval Giudicato of Arborea, which had its capital, in various periods, in the nearby Tharros and Oristano. The city was originally called Villaggio Mussolini (with which it was inaugurated on October 29, 1928), by the fascist government. Less than two years later, the name was revised in Mussolinia di Sardegna ("Mussolinia di Sardegna", to distinguish the city from Mussolinia di Sicilia, now Santo Pietro in the municipality of Caltagirone, Province of Catania). The current name was adopted after the Second World War.

Twin cities

Mortegliano, Italy

Sermoneta, Italy

Zevio, Italy

Villorba, Italy

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