Province of Prato, Tuscany, Italy

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About Carmignano

Carmignano is a comune (municipality) in the province of Prato, part of the Italian region of Tuscany. It is located approximately 20 kilometers (12 miles) west of Florence and approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles) south-west of Prato. It is the center of the homonymous wine region.


Carmignano borders the following municipalities: Capraia and Limite, Lastra a Signa, Montelupo Fiorentino, Poggio a Caiano, Prato, Quarrata, Signa, Vinci.

Main attractions

The most important attraction of the city is the church of San Michele and San Francesco (XII century), which hosts a visit by the Renaissance master Pontormo.

The 10th century Rocca (castle), in the upper part of the city, is well preserved. The hamlet of Comeana houses several Etruscan tombs (such as the Tumulo di Montefortini), while in Artimino it is a Medici villa.


Abbey of San Martino

Chapel of Villa Le Falene

Chapel in Villa le Farnete

Church in Castelvecchio

Church of Toia in Bacchereto

Chapel at the Institute of the Stigmata Sisters

Parish church of San Leonardo in Artimino

Oratory of the Virgin and Santa Croce in Verrucola

Oratory of San Francesco in Le Ginestre

Oratory of San Jacopo in Capezzana

Oratory of Sant'Antonio in Villa Novelli

Saints Michele and Francesco in Carmignano

San Giusto in Il Pinone

San Lorenzo in Montalbiolo

San Michele in Comeana

San Pietro in Seano

San Pietro in Verghereto

Santa Cristina in Santa Cristina in Mezzana

Santa Maria in Artimino

Santa Maria Assunta in Bacchereto


Villa in the barchetto della Pineta

Medici Villa in Artimino

Villa Amata in Verrucola

Villa Batisti in Carmignano

Villa Batisti-Orlandi in Carmignano

Villa Brandani in Carmignano

Capezzana villa

Villa Casale in Carmignano

Villa Cremoncini in Carmignano

Villa della Costa in Carmignano

Villa della Rocca in Carmignano

Calavria villa in Comeana

Villa of Grumaggio in Grumaggio

Pianetto villa in Pianetto

Villa Elena in Il Poggiolo

Villa I Boschetti in La Serra

Villa I Renacci in I Renacci

Villa La Torre in Carmignano

Villa Le Falene in Le Farnete

Villa Le Farnete in Le Farnete

Villa Novelli in Colle Novelli

Villa Olmi in Carmignano

Villa Ramponi in Carmignano

Villa Rinfreschi in Castelvecchio

Villa San Michele in Carmignano

Villa Vittoria in Lazzera


Carmignano hosts the following festivals:

Festival of San Michele and Palio degli donkeys in Carmignano (September-October)

Old fair in Carmignano 4-11 (December)

New Wine Festival in Artimino (October)

Welcome dried fig ("Benvenuto Fico Secco") in Carmignano (October)

Comeana Fair (July)

Commemorative procession of the passion and death of Jesus Christ in Comeana (July every 3 years, last in 2012)

Seano threshing festival (July)

The fly and the moon in Carmignano (October)

Chestnut Festival in Bacchereto (October)

Cherry Festival in Bacchereto (July)

Polenta, Porcini and Wild Boar Festival in Poggio alla Malva (September)

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