Castel Focognano

Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

Castel Focognano
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About Castel Focognano

Castel Focognano is a town in the province of Arezzo, Tuscany, central Italy.

The municipality is located in the Casentino valley on the left bank of the Arno river. Although it takes its name from a village on the slopes of the Alpe di Catenaia, the municipal seat is located in the industrial city of Rassina.


During the Second World War Rassina was the home of many American soldiers who were hiding or preparing for the offensive of the German army.

Many people were killed while fighting with fascist soldiers.

In 1992 Rassina was completely flooded by the Arno river.


Today Rassina is expanding and becoming one of the main industrial centers in the Casentino. It houses one of the largest cement factories in Europe.

Twin cities

Champcevinel, France, since 1992

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