Province of Rieti, Latium, Italy

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About Leonessa

Leonessa is a city and comune in the far north-east of the province of Rieti in the Lazio region of central Italy. Its population in 2008 was around 2,700.

Located in a small plain at the foot of the mountain. Terminillo, one of the highest mountains of the Apennine chain, in winter Leonessa is known above all as a stopping point for the Terminillo ski slopes, and in summer as a weekend holiday town frequented mostly by the Romans with local roots .

Historically, the city is known primarily as the birthplace of San Giuseppe di Leonessa. Until 1927 it was part of the province of L'Aquila. The city suffered one of the worst German reprisals during the Second World War when the Wehrmacht and the SS killed 51 inhabitants in early April 1944. In 1959 a monument dedicated to the dead was erected.

Typical food production includes the local potato variety, known as the Lioness potato.

Leonessa is twinned with the French city of Gonesse.

Main attractions

Leonessa is a city of art with a predominantly medieval aspect, with a historic main square. Churches include:

Saint Peter

Saint Francis

Church and sanctuary of San Giuseppe

Santa Maria del Popolo


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