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About Monterotondo

Monterotondo is a city and comune in the metropolitan city of Rome, central Italy.


According to some historians, Monterotondo is the heir of the ancient Sabine city of Eretum, although the modern settlement appeared in a different position in the X-XI century. The name derives from the medieval corruption (later Mons Teres, then Monte Ritondo) of the original Mons Eretum.

In the Middle Ages, thanks to its position across the Via Salaria, Monterotondo was a strategic point for the defense of Rome. Initially under the Capocci family, it was sold in the 12th century to the Orsini, who held it until the 18th century. In 1432 it was taken by the leader Niccolò Fortebraccio and in 1485 it was set on fire by the Orsini.

In 1634 the Barberini bought the city, restoring or enlarging several buildings and building the Cathedral (1639). On April 28, 1864 the railway lines of Rome and Monterotondo were opened.

In 1943, after the Italian armistice with the Allies, 800 German paratroopers tried unsuccessfully to reconquer it.

Main attractions

The Baroque Duomo (Cathedral) Church of the Madonna delle Grazie

Palazzo Orsini, including frescoes by Girolamo Siciolante, the brothers Zuccari and Perin del Vaga (attributed).

Archaeological museum, with remains of Eretum, Crustumerium and Nomentum.


Polisportiva Monterotondo Calcio was the main football club in the city. The club has played several times in Serie D. However, the club started playing in Rome and in 2011 it was renamed Polisportiva Monterotondo Lupa and transferred again to Maccarese, Fiumicino as Pol. Maccarese Giada in 2013. In 2014 that team was closed.

Another team from the city, Atletico Monterotondo, merged with another Marino football team and started playing in Lazio Excellence in 2013 as A.S.D. Monterotondo Calcio. In 2016 the club merged with another A.S.D. Eretum, to become A.S.D. Eretum Monterotondo.

The third team of the city, Real Monterotondo Scalo, located in Monterotondo Scalo fraction of Monterotondo. The team promoted from Lazio Promotion to Lazio Excellence in 2016.

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