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About Arezzo

The province of Arezzo (Italian: province of Arezzo) is the easternmost province of the Tuscany region of central Italy. Its capital is the city of Arezzo. The province borders the Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria regions and the provinces of Siena and Florence of Tuscany. It has an area of 3,233 square kilometers (1,248 square miles), a total population of approximately 344,000 in 36 municipalities (singular: municipality)

The north of the province of Arezzo contains the mountain ranges and the valleys of Pratomagno and Casentino and the southern areas of the region contain the fertile valleys of the Tiber and Chiana. The capital of the province of Arezzo was an important Etruscan urban center known as Aritim, and a wall was built around the province during this period of government. In Roman times, the settlement received the Latinized name of Arretium and expanded from the hills. Arretium assisted ancient Rome in the Punic wars against ancient Carthage. After the barbarian attacks, the settlement mostly disappeared around 400 AD.

Towards the end of the 11th century, the settlement grew again in a city, despite being close to the powerful nations of Siena and Florence. His position has led to his property changing several times; Florence owned the province after the Battle of Campaldino, later lost authority over it, and then annexed it again in 1384. Florence owned the province until 1859, when Tuscany was annexed to the Kingdom of Sardinia during the Risorgimento. The province is located in the immediate vicinity of Camaldoli, ancestral seat of the Camaldolese monks.


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