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Ascoli Piceno
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About Ascoli Piceno

The province of Ascoli Piceno (Italian: Provincia di Ascoli Piceno) is a province in the Marche region in Italy. Its capital is the city of Ascoli Piceno, and the province is bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the east, the province of Macerata to the north and overlooks the regions of Umbria and Abruzzo (Abruzzo) to the south. There are 33 municipalities in the province, see Municipalities in the Province of Ascoli Piceno.

The first settlers of the province were located on the banks of the Tronto river by the Picentes tribe. It was later conquered by the Romans and became known as Asculum Picenum from 268 BC. From 91-88 BC the Picentes rebelled against the Romans and attempted to claim the land, but Gnaeus Pompeo Strabo besieged and plundered the city. The city of Ascoli Piceno managed to be reborn, but after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, it was conquered many times. The Ostrogoth king Totila invaded the city in 545. Ascoli Piceno was then under the strong control of the church and was freed in 1185, but the bishop declared it under his control in 1212.

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