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The Province of Milan (Italian: Provincia di Milano) was a province in the Lombardy region of Italy. Its capital was the city of Milan. The provincial territory was heavily urbanized, resulting in the third highest population density among the Italian provinces with over 2,000 inhabitants / km2, just behind the provinces of Naples and the neighboring Monza and Brianza, created in 2004 by dividing the north-eastern part from the same province of Milan. On 1 January 2015 it was replaced by the Metropolitan City of Milan.


The province of Milan extends over the Po valley and has the Ticino river to the west and the Adda river to the east. It is modeled by its waterways - river and canals that cross and sometimes delimit it, from the Lambro and Olona rivers to the numerous canals, such as the Milanese canals; these waterways connect farmhouses and villages such as Corneliano Bertario with the Borromeo Castle; and ancient noble villas, such as the Villa Inzago near the Naviglio Martesana, on the Villoresi canal, which is believed to be the longest artificial canal in Italy. Villoresi is the southern natural border of Brianza, an area of Lombardy known for its mountains, lakes and plains.

It contains six regional natural parks: Adda Nord Park, South Milan Agricultural Park, Groane Park, North Milan Park, Valle del Lambro Park and Lombardo Park of Ticino Valley.

Half of the province is agricultural and alluvial plain and most is protected by reserves.

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