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About Naples

The Province of Naples (Italian: Provincia di Napoli, Napulitano: Pruvincia 'e Nàpule) was a province in the Campania region of southern Italy; since January 2015 it has been replaced by the Metropolitan City of Naples.


The province of Naples is the most densely populated in Italy. At the 2013 census they were all in the province, as well as 10 of the top 15. It has an area of 1,171.13 km² and a total population of approximately 3.05 million.

The largest communities in the metropolitan area of Naples:


The area is particularly fruitful for tourism, both nationally and internationally. Pompeii, the excavated Roman city that was destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 AD it is among the most popular destinations throughout Italy. Three islands in the Gulf of Naples are also important destinations; Ischia, Procida, part of the Flegrean Islands and Capri. Together they are also known as the Campania archipelago. In Capri there is the famous Blue Grotto; inside the cave the sea seems illuminated by underwater, has a magnificent blue color, hence its name.

The Sorrento Peninsula (and its main city Sorrento) has long been a popular destination for tourism, it is well known for the Limoncello drink and its luxurious cliffs on the sea. It is full of villas, castles, watchtowers, churches and in the old farmhouses of Vico Equense.


The most popular sport in the province is soccer. This area was one of the first in southern Italy to start practicing sports, when the English sailors introduced them in the early 1900s. The province's most successful club is by far the SSC Napoli, which has won twice Serie A (the Italian championship) and the UEFA Cup while Diego Maradona was with the club.

At the moment there are four professional football teams that play within the province's Italian leagues; in Serie A there is SSC Napoli, while in the Lega Pro the province is represented by SS Ischia Isolaverde, SS Juve Stabia and AC Savoia.

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