Province of Bari

Apulia, Italy

Province of Bari
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About Province of Bari

The Province of Bari (Italian: Provincia di Bari) was a province of the Puglia region in Italy. Its capital was the city of Bari.

It has an area of 5,138 km2 (1,984 square miles) and a total population of 1,594,109 (2005). On 1 January 2015 it was replaced by the Metropolitan City of Bari.

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The arable land of the former province of Bari is exploited with the cultivation of olive trees and grapes but also cherries, peaches and almonds. From that agricultural activity derive olive oil, wine and table grapes. Bitonto is particularly known for its extra virgin olive oil and Corato, Coratina and Giovinazzo are present in significant production areas. The wine production centers are mainly concentrated in Gravina and Ruvo di Puglia, in the north of Bari, and Adelfia, Noicattaro, Rutigliano and Locorotondo, in the south of Bari. The production of cherries is also important; Apulian red is particularly widespread in the countryside of Turi and Putignano.

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