Province of Barletta - Andria - Trani

Apulia, Italy

Province of Barletta - Andria - Trani
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About Province of Barletta - Andria - Trani

The Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani is a province of Italy in the Puglia region. The institution of the province entered into force in June 2009 and Andria was appointed seat of government on May 21, 2010.

It was created by 10 municipalities (municipalities), which were previously in the provinces of Bari and Foggia, taking its name from the three cities that share the administrative functions of the new province. The total population of the 10 municipalities that make up the new province was 383,018 at the 2001 census.


(With populations at the 2001 census)

Andria (100.014) [from the Province of Bari]

Barletta (92.094) [from the Province of Bari]

Bisceglie (51,718) [from the Province of Bari]

Canosa di Puglia (31,445) [from the Province of Bari]

Margherita di Savoia (12.585) [from the Province of Foggia]

Minervino Murge (10,213) [from the Province of Bari]

San Ferdinando di Puglia (14,361) [from the Province of Foggia]

Spinazzola (7,362) [from the Province of Bari]

Trani (53.139) [from the Province of Bari]

Trinitapoli (14.448) [from the Province of Foggia]



Castel del Monte

Sant'Agostino, Andria

Porta Sant'Andrea, Andria

Barletta Castle

Colossus of Barletta

Barletta Cathedral

Trani Cathedral

Trani Castle

Remains of the Basilica of San Leucio in Canosa di Puglia

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