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Province of Caltanissetta
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The Province of Caltanissetta (Italian: Provincia di Caltanissetta; Sicilian: Pruvincia di Nissa; officially the municipal consortium of Caltanissetta) is a province in the southern part of Sicily, in Italy. Following the suppression of the Sicilian provinces, in 2015 it was replaced by the free municipal consortium of Caltanissetta. It contains 22 municipalities, listed in Municipalities of the Province of Caltanissetta. Its coat of arms is a red crest and two stems of green leaves on top with a bay leaf on the right and a crown in the middle. The Salso river is the main river of the province; it is 122 kilometers (76 mi) long and originates in the province of Palermo, and flows into the Mediterranean in this province at the end of the Gulf of Gela.

Provincial borders and metropolitan cities


Province of Agrigento, west

Metropolitan City of Palermo, north-west

Province of Enna, to the north

Metropolitan City of Catania, to the north-east

Province of Ragusa, to the east


The province extends in the central part of Sicily in the north-western direction where the capital is located. The municipality of Resuttano is located in an enclave in the province of Palermo near Caltanissetta between Monte Stretto and Portella del Vento. Another example in the same province is that of the two small towns of Cannetti and Corfidato, two hamlets in the municipality of Enna, 15 km away, in the territory of the municipality of Caltanissetta. The land extends into the plain of Gela and the Gulf of Gela, where the province's main river, the Salso, meets the Mediterranean.

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