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Province of Livorno
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The province of Livorno or, traditionally, the province of Livorno (Italian: province of Livorno) is a province in the Tuscany region of Italy. It includes several islands of the Tuscan archipelago, including Elba and Capraia. Its capital is the city of Livorno. The province was formed in 1861 and included only Livorno and the Island of Elba. It was enlarged in 1925 with lands from the provinces of Pisa and Genoa. It has an area of 1,211 square kilometers (468 square miles) and a total population of 343,003 (2012). There are 19 municipalities (singular: comune) in the province. The coast of the area is known as "Costa degli Etruschi" (Costa degli Etruschi).

The province of Livorno is coastal and contains numerous coastal cities. Livorno is a very important port for tourism and commerce and a series of watchtowers are located in the vicinity of the city. In Calafuria, the sea contains sponges, molluscs, fish and protected red corals (Corallium rubrum). The coasts of Quercianella and Castiglioncello are rocky. The waters around the province of Livorno sometimes contain dolphins. The city of Marina di Bibbona was initially founded as a fortress because of its strategic coastal position. The city of San Vincenzo contains a fourteenth-century tower for strategic reasons. The sand of the Gulf of Baratti is silver and black due to its high concentration of iron, and the area contains an archaeological park.



The province is divided into 19 municipalities (singular: municipality). This is the complete list of municipalities in the province of Livorno:

As of April 30, 2014, the main municipalities by population are:


List of Presidents of the Province of Livorno

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