Province of Novara

Piedmont, Italy

Province of Novara
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About Province of Novara

Novara (It. Provincia di Novara) is a province of Piedmont in Italy. Its capital is the city of Novara.

It has an area of 1,339 square kilometers (517 square miles) and a total population of 373,081 (2012). It consists of 88 municipalities (municipalities).

Colline Novaresi DOC

The province of Novara is home to the Colline Novaresi Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC), created in 1994 for the area's white and red wines. All the grapes destined for the production of DOC wine must be harvested with a yield not exceeding 11 tons / ha. Red wine is a blend of at least 30% of Nebbiolo (known by the local name of Spanna), up to 40% of Uva Rara and not more than 30% collectively of Croatina and Vespolina. The varietal styles of each of the red grape varieties can be made on the condition that the grape makes up at least 85% of the wine. White wine is made from 100% Erbaluce grapes. The finished wine must reach a minimum alcoholic level of 11% to be labeled with the DOC Colline Novaresi denomination.



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