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Province of Pistoia
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About Province of Pistoia

The province of Pistoia (Italian: province of Pistoia) is a province in the Tuscany region of central Italy. Its capital is the city of Pistoia and the province is landlocked. It has an area of 964.12 square kilometers (372.25 square miles) and a total population of 291,788 inhabitants (as of 2015). There are 22 municipalities in the province.

The province was founded in 1927 under the dominion of Mussolini and in 1966 had the lowest per capita income in Tuscany in 1966 due to the high levels of poverty. This is because the province was mainly agricultural before the end of the Second World War and since then it has had to rapidly progress towards industrial capitalism and abandon its agricultural roots. The population of the province has recently increased, from 268,437 in 2011 to about 292,000 in 2015.

The Pistoia mountains and the towns of Abetone and Val di Luce are tourist destinations for skiers, and the province contains a combination of plains such as the Ombrone valley area and the river that flows through it and the mountainous land. The city of Pistoia is located about 40 kilometers from Lucca and Florence. The lands around the cities of Pistoia and Pescia are popular places for the cultivation of flowers and plants for global exports, and the city and municipality of Quarrata is known for its wooden furniture.


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