Province of Pordenone

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Province of Pordenone
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About Province of Pordenone

The province of Pordenone (Italian: province of Pordenone; Friulian: province of Pordenon; Venetian: province of Pordenon) was a province in the autonomous region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy. Its capital was the city of Pordenone. The province was divided from the province of Udine in 1968. It had a total population of 312,794 inhabitants. The province was abolished on September 30, 2017.


Pordenone was founded before 2000 BC and it was located along the border between the Villanovan and Alpine Halsatt cultures. It was under the rule of Treviso during the Middle Ages, although it was sacked by Aquileian soldiers in 1233 AD. The Austrian Habsburg house later ruled the area between 1278 and 1508, although the surrounding territory was briefly entirely under the rule of Venice. In the fifteenth century it was an important center for the production of paper, fabrics, ceramics, silk and wool and attracted Tuscan merchants.

In 1508 Venice occupied the city in response to calls from the pro-Venetian residents of Pordenone, but this occupation was not well received. It fell under the dominion of Bartolomeo d'Alviano after this occupation until 1537, when Venice invaded the city. It was left under Venetian rule until Napoleon invaded the area in 1797; it was subsequently controlled by Austria between 1813 and 1866. In 1866 it was conquered by the Kingdom of Italy. It was the third Italian city to use hydroelectricity, after Milan and Tivoli, in 1888. It was occupied by the Austrians during the Second World War and was bombed forty-three times in the Second World War.


The province of Pordenone is the westernmost of the four provinces of the autonomous region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in north-eastern Italy. It is bounded to the east and north by the province of Udine. To the west is the Province of Belluno, to the south-west the Province of Treviso and to the south, the Province of Venice, all in Veneto. The province is located in the plains of the Po-Veneto plain, south of the Venetian Prealps and at the foot of the Friuli Alps. It is the only province in the autonomous region that does not border on the Adriatic sea. The provincial capital is the city of Pordenone, an ancient port on the Noncello river.

The hilly country in the north of the province gives way further south towards the low plains of the Po valley. The rivers cross the province from north to south bringing the outflow from the snow that melts in the Alps. Much of the water sinks underground and reappears on the plain as an area of springs.

Foreign community

The first 10 countries of origin of the inhabitants of Pordenone with foreign citizenship as of December 31, 2010 were:

Romania 8630

Albania 6321

Ghana 3489

India 1821

Morocco 1760

Ukraine 1308

Macedonia 1044

Bangladesh 970

Moldova 913

Burkina Faso 826

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