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Province of Rieti
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About Province of Rieti

The Province of Rieti (in Italian: Provincia di Rieti) is a province of the Lazio region in Italy. Its capital is the city of Rieti. Established in 1927, it has an area of 2,750.52 square kilometers (1,061.98 square miles) with a total population of 157,887 people as of 2017. There are 73 municipalities in the province.


Rieti is located in north-eastern Lazio. It borders to the west, along the Tiber river from the Province of Viterbo and to the south-west from the Metropolitan City of Roma Capitale. It also borders with the regions of Umbria to the north and the Marche to the east.

The province is mainly mountainous with the Duchess Mountains and the Cicolano Mountains to the south with Monte Nuria and Monte Giano, the Reatini Mountains with Monte Terminillo (2217 m) to the north in part of the Abruzzese Apennines, and Monti della Laga (2458 m) to the east on the border with Abruzzo. Of particular importance are the two artificial lakes in the Valle del Salto: the Lago del Salto and the Lago del Turano, both created during the Fascist period. Lago del Salto, also known as Lago del Salto, is the largest in the Lazio region and is located at an altitude of 1,755 meters (5,758 feet).

There are several protected areas in the province. To the south is the Monti Lucretili Natural Regional Park, to the southeast the Montagne della Duchessa Regional Reserve, and a small part of the Sirente - Velino Regional Natural Park. Between the two areas is the Monte Navegna and Monte Cervia Nature Reserve (between the Salto and Turano lakes. To the east, in the Monti della Laga chain is the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park. Also worth mentioning is the Riserva Lagos Lungo and Ripasottile natural reserve on the Rieti plain and the Nazzano, Tevere-Farfa nature reserve to the west. The Lungo and Ripasottile lakes natural reserve contains the Lungo and Ripasottile lakes, which support a variety of wildlife, in particularly birds such as herons and grebes. There are numerous natural oases, castles, fortresses and Franciscan sanctuaries scattered throughout the province of Rieti.

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