Province of Varese

Lombardy, Italy

Province of Varese
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About Province of Varese

The province of Varese (Italian: province of Varese) is a province of the Lombardy region in Italy. Its capital is the city of Varese (population of 80,857 inhabitants), but its largest city is Busto Arsizio. The headquarters of AgustaWestland, the company merged into Leonardo since 2016, the world's largest helicopter manufacturer, is based in Samarate, a municipality in the province. As of 2015, it has a population of 889,410 inhabitants over an area of 1,198.11 square kilometers (462.59 square miles). The provincial president is Nicola Gunnar Vincenzi.


In Roman times, the fortified settlements of Castelseprio and the port of Angera were of great importance in the region. The Visconti House conquered the region in the 13th century and completely destroyed Castelseprio. The Casa dei Visconti used the land for agricultural purposes and as part of the territories of Milan. During this Visconti domination, Varese became prosperous due to the high commercial levels of the region, but remained small. Before his appointment as duke, Francesco III d'Este, duke of Modena lived in the region during the eighteenth century. While the Unification of Italy was beginning, the Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi attempted to install anti-Austrians in Varese; in response to this, the Austrians attempted to invade in 1859 and a battle took place in Varese. Umberto Bossi was born in 1941 near Varese, who believed that the Lombardy region should have a certain degree of independence; in 1986 he founded the Lombard League which became part of the Northern League (Northern League).


The province of Varese is one of the twelve provinces of the Lombardy region in northern Italy. It is the most northwestern province in the region and its northern border forms the international border with Switzerland. The Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in the Piedmont region is located in the north-west and the Province of Novara, also in Piedmont, in the west. To the south is the Metropolitan City of Milan and, to the east, the Province of Monza and Brianza and the Province of Como. The provincial capital is the city of Varese, located next to Lake Varese, at the foot of the Sacro Monte di Varese, part of the Campo dei Fiori mountain range in Varese.

Agriculture in this subalpine region is based on cattle breeding and the economy depends on tourism, with many people going to Milan daily. There are local goat milk cheeses and local meat dishes, and there are freshwater fish caught in the many lakes. Other local products are a local variety of asparagus, chestnuts, berries and honey and locally grown grapes are transformed into traditional red and white wines.

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