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About Syracuse

The Province of Syracuse (Italian: Provincia di Siracusa; Sicilian: Pruvincia di Sarausa; officially the municipal consortium of Siracusa) is a province in the autonomous island region of Sicily in Italy. Following the suppression of the Sicilian provinces, it was replaced in 2015 by the free municipal consortium of Syracuse. Its capital is the city of Syracuse, a city founded by Greek colonists who arrived from Corinth in the eighth century BC. It has an area of 2,109 square kilometers (814 square miles) and a total population of 403,985 (2016). Syracuse has 8% of the Sicilian population and 8.2% of the Sicilian area.

Geography and heritage

The province of Syracuse is located in south-eastern Sicily, in south-western Italy. It borders the province of Catania to the north and north-west, the province of Ragusa to the west, the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean to the east and south. It occupies an area of 2,109 square kilometers (814 square miles).

In 2002, the ancient centers of Noto, Palazzolo Acreide and six other cities in the Noto Valley were awarded UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is a significant attraction for its historical, architectural, artistic and archaeological interest. The cities are particularly dense with late Baroque architecture, the date of the immense reconstruction of the cities that took place after the 1693 earthquake that devastated Sicily. The capital of Syracuse is an important railway and railway hub in Sicily. The Neapolis Park on the island of Ortigia is connected by three bridges to the mainland. The island contains the Maniace Castle, dating back to the Hohenstaufen period and the Doric Temple of Athena, which was renovated by the Normans.

The Hyblaean Mountains are the dominant mountain range in the province, which slope down to a coast that contains stretches of white sand beaches, cliffs, bays and islets. The coast south of Syracuse contains numerous protected areas, such as the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area, the Orientara Cavagrande Nature Reserve between Cassibile and Avola and the Oriented Wildlife Reserve of Vendicar, north of Pachino. Within the province is Lake Lentini, the largest lake in Sicily, and, presumably, the largest artificial lake in Europe, which supports a marshy habitat with over 150 different species.


There are 21 municipalities (or municipalities) in the province. The most populated since 2005 were:

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