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The former province of Turin (Italian: Turin province; Piedmontese: Turin province; French: Turin province) was a province of the Piedmont region in Italy. Its capital was the city of Turin. The province existed until December 31, 2014, when it was replaced by the Metropolitan City of Turin.


It had an area of 6,830 km2 (2,640 sq mi), and a total population of 2,306,676 (June 30, 2011).

There were 316 municipalities in the province - most of any province in Italy. The second highest comunis are in the province of Cuneo which counts 250.

Turin, the former regional capital of the province and capital of the current metropolitan city of Turin, was the first national capital of Italy unified in 1861.


The most important export items in the Turin region are cars, machinery and metal and metal products. The province has commercial relations with Germany, France, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Romania and the Czech Republic. A great deal of import and export is transported with these countries.

The service is the most important economic sector which represents 66% of the gross domestic product. The other two important sectors are industry (32%) and agriculture (2%). To promote entrepreneurship, the provincial body has started - Start your own business (Italian: Getting on your own), a consultancy service to help aspiring entrepreneurs who have new business ideas.

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